Durga Puja

To all the devotees🙏🏽
Welcome at Durga puja will start on the 22nd of October and end on the 26th of October.
On the 17t Saturday and 18th Sunday October, from 12-7pm, Sanatan Dharma Temple management is going to prepare a list in which 25 devotees will be allowed every hour (based on government rules), for Saptami (23), Astami (24), and Nabomi (25) puja anjali and worship (12pm-8pm).
At the same time, if devotees want, they can enlist their names for Bijoya Dashami (26th October) which will start at 3pm and end at 9pm.
All the devotees,whether individual or family can only sign up a maximum of 5 people for the list.
Please call the following numbers (only Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-7pm):
Mr. Gopen Dev= 514 290 7818
Mr. Gautam Mitra= 514 577 2172
Mr.SaumitraChowdhury( Swaraj)= 514-562 -4385
Mr. Animesh Kar Tinku= 514-578-0526
As always, we appreciate the help and cooperation from the devotees.
Please respect the times allowed for calling.
Thank you,
Sanatan Dharma Temple Managment